Simply put, SEM is all about getting your company's name out there and having people get to know more about you.  SEM helps create a vast online footprint and has the potential to gain exceptional “relevance”, the key to search marketing, for your company's website.  This is the most cost effective way of generating “loyal traffic” via 3rd party endorsed links to your site.  NOTE: this is long term process that requires a great deal of consistent and credible content distribution and, although sales may occur from linking, blogging, article syndication and other forms of these SEM efforts, this should not be viewed as a quick way to convert traffic into paying customers.   

Competitive Link Analysis

GibSEM researches your top competitor back link profile and find opportunities for you to solicit links.  You will receive a comprehensive report of your competitors back link profile that includes: number of inbound links, location of inbound links, Page Rank of the location of inbound links and anchor text used.  You will also receive a list of opportunities for you to build additional links. 

Comprehensive Inbound Link Analysis

GibSEM will identify your overall strength of the inbound link profile, determine the most commonly used anchor text, find out what pages on your site have the highest link count, evaluate you Page Rank distribution, and explore what types of links your site has.  This report will help us determine the overall history and current picture of your inbound link profile, which will help us focus on your inbound link campaign.

Blog Links

Blog links are helpful ways to drive additional in-bound links to your site.  These links will come from posts created by the blogosphere.  Each post will have two to three targeted keyword links, linking back to the appropriate landing pages* of your site.  These links are powerful and natural inbound links that will not only benefit your Search Engine rankings but will also help create buzz.

*The creation of “special” landing pages are and ideal way to convert more traffic to sales.   GibSEM can advise on strategic methods of using these types of landing pages and help manage campaigns with exceptional effectiveness.

Internet Press Releases

Press Releases through a reputable online press service company are a helpful way to get more visibility from prospective customers as well as Search Engine bots.  Your written press releases will be optimized and submitted throughout your contract in order to achieve very natural back (inbound) links to your website.

Article Submissions

Article submissions are another great way to get valuable inbound (back) links to your website in a very natural fashion.  We will submit your professionally written articles to a wide variety of article submission sites. 

Directory Submissions

Getting your site listed in strong directories is a great way to get well-ranked pages and high authority directory websites linking to your site.  We submit your website to multiple directories, creating many relevant and targeted inbound links for your site.  Another benefit of this service is that people still use directories to find businesses so you have the potential to gain direct traffic from directories.