Using paid search services for Yahoo!, Google, and MSN is the only way to secure top rankings for specific keywords.  Your company can achieve faster results with paid search advertising than any other form of media or any other component of your SEM strategy.  If you are looking for immediate results, paid search will produce real sales results fast.

Keyword Selection & Ad Creative

GibSEM will use the desired SEM strategy and our keyword research to make the initial selection of keywords to be managed and optimized in the paid search engines.  Next, we begin the creation of the paid search Creative Toolbox, a tool for the expedited creation of pre-approved ads that can be tested and optimized once they are live.  Our ex-pertise in keyword selection and ad creative is the key to achieving sales, actions, and higher conversion rates with your paid search campaign. 

Creative Management & Optimization

Even with good results, GibSEM dedicates time to the ongoing paid search campaign management and to optimizing the campaigns performance.  Depending on the total budget, number of included keywords, the number of paid search engines, and the competitiveness of the business segment, we may work on your campaign on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Analytics & ROI Reporting

With GibSEM's Analytics and ROI Reporting in place, we can optimize your paid search campaigns with real-time referral data from Yahoo! and Google by tracking traffic to your website and how it converts into action.  This data is the key for understanding which keyword terms are worth investing in.  As campaign tacticians, it gives us the knowledge to move quickly and ensure your campaign is delivering the highest value by excluding keywords that aren't performing and expanding keywords that are.

GibSEMs NUMBER ONE GOAL is to improve your company's web site traffic.  We strive to increase web traffic so that you can get you in front of the people who are searching for what you have!  We use proven "white hat" search engine marketing strategies.


Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Management is proven to be the lowest cost per acquisition than any other marketing medium.  It is the only medium where people are actively searching for you.  A successful campaign, one that will increase web traffic, should include an SEO website designed around one question: "What are your clients looking for?"  This is the starting point.  It may seem basic but it is surprising how many people are just scratching the surface in their understanding of this.  Our SEO management and paid search management programs are designed around that question.

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