For website owners, it’s not so much what you say on your website but how you say it that makes the difference between good content and great content.  Great content takes into consideration a variety of important elements.  From keyword placement to how often you update your content, the fact of the matter is search engines place a great deal of emphasis on well written content.  

When writing content, remember these important points:

* Place your more important keywords first and mention these at least 2-3 times in your article

* Make sure your keywords relate to the content of your site

* Use action words and write short pithy sentences.  Lists read better than paragraphs

* Add keyword rich links to your content

* Make your content unique.  Search engines love this!


Remember, always proof read your content vigorously!

When developing great content, always remember that much of how you are judged by search engines is on the value of the content to your readers first and importance to search engine rank second.

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