Jim Gibson - Principal, GibSEM Group
By Jim Gibson – Principal, GibSEM Group

Clearly, most businesses realize they need to get moving on a social media campaign or risk being left behind.  These days, pretty much everyone knows about Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn and most businesses have at least dipped their toe in the proverbial online marketing waters.  But unfortunately for some, that’s where it all stops.

By Jim Gibson - Principal, GibSEM Group

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks for the business community and has quickly become the "de facto" site for B2B networking.  LinkedIn provides users a powerful set of features that offer companies and individuals to promote their brand and services as well as to connect with others who share common professional interests.  LinkedIn is a great tool for people who want to increase visibility for both their companies and their professional skills. 

But in order to use LinkedIn effectively, you should decide what your goals are and create a structured approach to leverage the online communities vast opportunities.  Here are a few tips to help you get started: