In my last blog post, we shared some important tips about the value of content on your site.  We briefly mentioned as an important component of your SEO efforts but I want to delve deeper into when and where to use keywords when marketing online.  Keywords are an absolute must but it’s important to know how to differentiate the use of keywords for both organic and paid search. 

Organic keywords are generally the ones used in your site’s ; your title tags, header tags, meta descriptions and keyword tags.  These keywords appear naturally in your website content and help your site to gain better rankings in the organic listings on each search engine.  Although in some cases, organic keywords can be the same as those used in Paid Search campaigns, they’re usually more general terms that describe your business.

Search Engine Marketing keywords used in can take on a slightly different tone depending on what your objectives are.  For these keywords, it’s important to select keyword phrases that capture traffic that is closer to the conversion phase, otherwise known as “long tail” keywords.  In other words, keywords used in paid search should contain more detailed phrases that quickly eliminate the tire kickers.  If you provide Business tax software, select keyword phrases like: “tax software for small business” or “small business tax software for under $99”.  Although your organic keywords can include these phrases your site content will be fundamentally rooted in the concept of basic tax software.

This approach allows you to capitalize on the SEO benefits of using keyword roots without having to spend tons of money buying more expensive and highly competitive keywords in your paid search campaigns.      

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